Monday, June 2, 2014

Painting North Carolina

Every year I go to North Carolina and participate in a plein air landscape gallery show in Germanton.  In a small town outside Winston-Salem NC, Germanton Art Gallery hosts a plein air show.  I have had the pleasure to paint for the show the past 9 years. It is always fun and I get to see painting friends from different parts of the country and have a good time painting the countryside and people from the area and friends.  I always paint with my friends Scott Burdick, Bernard Martin, Trey Finney and Bruce Burgess and a bunch of others.  Part of the enjoyment of this trip is the camaraderie and a chance to focus just on painting and nothing else for a straight week.  Below are some shots of my paintings with the subject and us painting.
12x16 sunrise

16x12 painting of artist Luke Buck.

20x16 palette knife painting during a quick draw outside the gallery.  I did 2 in three hours.

Painting a sunset on the property where I stayed. Photo by Johanna Stern.

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