Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter is Hard

Wildflowers, Gray Day 11x14 oil

I had to post this painting of some flowers, that I finally got around to photographing, painted back in August on the back of our property. It is to remind me that the flowers will probably bloom again in the spring and the sun will once again shine warmly. The next several weeks are the hardest of the year for me and I look forward to going back outside and painting the beautiful and cheerful colors of the warmer months. Just when I think I can't take the short, cold days any longer, spring comes around again. I seeded these wildflowers back last spring.

First Glimmer 16x20 oil
I am not a morning person, but I have learned to have a great affection for morning. Taking the time to get out early and paint the sunrise are my most cherished moments. The most interesting colors and moods happen in those first flickers of light. The morning has a quiet, calm feeling that gives me such a sense of peace.

Black Scarf 24x18 oil
I try to paint at least one figure from life a week. Here is the latest, of Roxanne, a model I have painted many times. It has been cold, so the scarf is not a prop. Figure painting is infinitely interesting. People are so diverse and compelling.

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