Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Figure Paintings

My latest efforts have been mainly Figure and Still life paintings. Painting people is the most challenging of all subjects in art. I love painting people and the endless variation of expression and meaning represented in the human form. Among the challenges for the figure artist are the anatomical demands to start and then the concerns about expression. The first hurdle to cross is the need for the figure to "read" correctly and believably. If I can get past this point, then the work begins to be about feeling, or mood and expression. For me this is the goal, to get past the technical aspects and try to approach something that might be "Art".

Fuchsia 24 x 18 oil
Remembering 36 x 24 oil
Warm and Cool 24 x 12 oil

Friendly 16 x 12 oil
Sitting Pretty 24 x 18 oil

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